The Biggest Business Intelligence And Analytics Trends For 2018


Business intelligence represent the tools & system that play a more important role in business. These BI systems allow the enterprise to gather, store, access and analyze data to aid in decision-making. The Business intelligence software is designed with the primary goal of extracting important data from an organization’s raw data to reveal insights to help a business make faster and more accurate decisions. To extensively fulfill the business decisions Roosboard has been introducing a voice and search enabled analytics platform to take a better business decisions.

Explore all your data and discover new patterns via search based analytics. Create rich visuals and share insights through Roosboard easy-to-use business intelligence tools.

Search driven business analytics

Search to analyze data within fraction of seconds through the  search driven analytics. Anyone can use Roosboard with zero training to ask questions, analyse company data and build reports and dashboards all in seconds. No need to wait for monthly or weekly to generate reports get real-time reports immediately and reduce your report backlogs.

One of the most challenging aspect in our product is, it makes data understandable even to ordinary people and can find results using search driven analytics to deliver your data never like before.

Relational search driven analytics

As like the Google search engine, everyone can now able to search in their own way using natural language search which fetches the results immediately. This search engine understand the  relationships across various enterprise data sources and return quickly the results from millions of rows. All data are stored and accessed via relations that provides faster user  always.

Embedded search analytics

Embedded search driven analytics to embed the analytics into your applications or portal. This feature  provides relevant information and analytical tools designed for the task at hand so users can work smarter and more efficiently in the applications they use every day. These functionalities can be utilized outside the application or website, most of the organization can reuse this analytical platform but must be easily accessible from inside the application or website, without forcing users to switch between systems.

The Roosboard embedded analytics allows you to embed the charts, dashboard, and even the search bar inside your application. Embed your dashboard inside your application to track your business metrics at one place with continuous flow. Easily embed your required charts in your portal and analyze your sales metrics easily without getting a break.

Voice activated analytics

The voice driven approach to analyze the data rapidly with your natural language and can retrieve the results immediately. Natural language processing will guide the voice search analytics, and the technology uses artificial intelligence so that it is very easy to use and smarter it gets on a user basis. It can also most of the small or large business to access the business faster via voice analytics where it also captures and provides a complex analysis of spoken words that can be used to create more compelling user experiences. Not only does voice analytics translate speech to text, it can also convert result text to speech like Siri and Alexa.

This latest technology allows you to go easy way towards your business and act immediately. It is a smarter analytics with voice activated approach.



How the real-time analytics power your business today?


The power of today’s technology and understanding the business information effectively using the analytics services is a key to the growth of any organization’s and improve the success path. The rapidly changing world of online communications, real-time analytics becomes even more powerful to achieve the long-term as well as a short-term goal.

Power your business and,

->Visualize in real time

->Detect urgent situations

->Take immediate actions

->Improve decision-making

->Proactive alert on time

Monitor your metrics

One of the main features of real-time analytics is, it helps to monitor the business metrics in real-time without relying on others for anything. By analyzing in the right way the real-time analytics prevents that from risk happening and take our business in a most rightful path.

Personalization in real time

Real-time data analytics helps in collecting the information, transforming the data, and mining from thousands or even millions of concurrent users in milliseconds. The most retail industry can easily benefit from analyzing detailed data in real time which empowers retailers to track the information about the customers are engaging with the most wanted product. You can also identify when the customer is searching for an item you don’t carry or have in stock, you can easily able to show the items that are similar to what they’ve been looking for.

Minimize risk factors

We know that not all customers are equally happy about the product.Mostly we need to spot customers’ burning needs and assist them in all ways. where the real-time visualization through  KPI dashboard tool enables the business people to track and makes us identify the customer needs and aid us to obtain the success factor in business.

Identify and prioritize

The business analytics dashboard helps to identify the lacking part in business and prioritize in a most fantastic way for easy visualization with the help of performance analysis dashboard. Easy identify and track the business metrics through business dashboard tool and make yourself to stand competitively in business without leading to failure.

Make understand the entire process of your business as well as the customer. Before embarking into a competitive business world, take time to comprehend the various touch-points in your business with the help of real-time business analytics tool.

2017 Business Technologies and Trends to Reach Out Customers


In recent years, there is a major development in technologies from all around the world where this leads to reducing major amount of work in business. Therefore, every businesses folk have to go the extra mile in future in order to stay top in business. Besides improving their products, they will also need to improve user experience by personalizing services. Furthermore, customers are becoming more demanding with regards to quality and buying better products. For that analytics helps to improve ahead for the business. Read this article to discover your business technology trends and how to reach out your customers.


So, what is analytics? what would it do for your business?

Analytics is an encompassing and multidimensional field that gives graphical representation, statistics, predictive modeling and easy learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge of your data.

Today, we add the computers to the mix for storing increasing amounts of data and running sophisticated software algorithms producing the fast insights needed to make fact-based decisions. By putting the science of numbers, data and analytical discovery to work, we can find out if what we think or believe is really true. And produce answers to questions we never thought to ask. That’s the power of analytics

why is it important to reach out customers?

The search data analytics method increase the customer relations and tends to automatically have strong customer analytics services as well. In other words, if your clients/customers are happy with your products and service, then they will not just continue to invest in your company but also promote the same among their friends and family, enabling you to expand and empower your brand in a profitable manner. The Great analytics and finding what products sell more and what’s not will in turn effectively built the trust of the clients and customers on your brand and company.

Search analytics method

There are so many business intelligence analytics technologies has been introduced in 2017 which possess great analytics for business executives and managers. The analytics can be defined as the process of analyzing and making sense of the flood of data that is accumulating every day from every possible customer touch point where the search driven analytics platforms provide a greater success for business to comprehend what’s needed and what’s not a business. search to discover the desired data in seconds where even ordinary people can easily able to track and analyze the data without the dependent on IT. The folks can easily able to track the KPI and analyze the business efficiently.

Analytics is widely used in most of the business to engage the customers and returns greater success in business and to improve the customer satisfaction. Analyze the reach and results of your business through search based analytics that drives your business to the successful strategies. You see, gathering and analyzing data is a costly, time-consuming without using the best business intelligence method  The retailers or any industries executives will not be able to identify the solution to the business by using the search data analytics method.

Search Based Analytics to Reveal the Patterns of Business Behavior



Analytics plays a major role in every business as it clearly gives the deeper sights of the business and proactively alerts everyone to take a business decision at right time. As technology has become much advanced there are so many alluring features has developed to improve the business level and reveal the hidden patterns of the business. The instant and accurate analytics are welcomed by so many enterprises because that saves the huge amount of time for business executives and decision-makers to take an important decision at the correct time.

 Search analytics for humans

The search based analytics are one of lucrative business analytics has been introduced to reduces stress and to analyze the data immediately using the search feature. The data can be searched and analyzed through self-service analytics way instead of on relying on others. In today’s world where data can be searched and collected instantly, in the phone, mobile, PC, at anywhere from any time. No need to wait for a weekly or monthly report.

The reports can be generated instantly using search analytics features where it also reduces 90% of report backlogs. A self-service analytics tool makes the business analytics easy for even normal humans by visualizing in charts, graphs, etc., No need to waste your timing by waiting for analytics instead get your easy analytics report instantly by saving your huge amount of time.

Unified Analytics

This analytics feature brings business metrics at one place instead of switching to different pages. Get instant charts analysis and business reports by search driven analytics feature to enhance the business metrics further. This unified analytics gives the user best experience as never like before in analytics and helps to identify soon the hidden parts of the business. Every business executives can take their own decision by doing self- service analytics rather than going with the traditional analytic method.

More Exciting Benefits

->Reduce timings.

->Provides rapid data analysis using search driven.

->Self-service search analytics rather than relying on others.

->Team collaboration

->Interactive visualization benefits.


Intelligence Business insights via search based analytics

In this modern era, every business executives are finding a new or unique path to obtain success in their business. The business intelligence tool drives major success for the business by analyzing the business performance in a right way. Search-driven data discovery enables users to develop and refine views using search terms in a rapid manner. The better comprehend the key metrics that drive business performance in a fruitful path.

Data- analytics

Today’s enterprises have Big Data problems–a data collection that has grown so big that it has become difficult to handle it using traditional way. The explosion of data sources, technology, and business intelligence analytics is yielding a wealth of new business opportunities to provide success in today’s business market with self-service analytics.

Search-based analytics

Search based dashboard lets you create visualizations instantly and continuously helps to track and measure real-time data. search-based data discovery tools using text search input and results to guide users to the information they need. All the visualizations fit on a single computer screen rather than switching to multiple screens.

If the business executives were reaching out to ask you for help with their business’s marketing, your business is in trouble. Success starts with search-based analytics. Business dashboards connect hundreds of applications you use on a regular basis, curating the data you want into one easy-to-read display. The dashboard helps out to manage your future capacity and identify sales issues before they become problems.

Graphical analytics

Rich interactive visualizations, such as charts, graph analytics depends on user selection in a graphical way. Visualize your data through graphical way and analyze quickly as never like before.

Making the analysis process more intuitive and performance issues easier to observe for any industry using charts such as Healthcare, Retail, HR, Financial, Educational, etc. to help with understanding and analyzing risk. They can track where they are going, and how fast they are headed there with the complete analytic dashboard.

The data can be displayed as slide share on TV screens or projector during the meetings which can create a positive change by encouraging environmentally a conscious thinking at all levels of the organization.


The search-driven analytic dashboard which is different from another dashboard that provides more user convenience on what user looking for and displays the results as you type. It is one of the quick ways to analyze data rapidly. To know about business intelligence analytics visit







Search Based Analytics – A Better Data Insights for Humans


Analytics plays a major role in running out the business in a right path, the data and analytics capabilities helps out many business executives in the decision-making process at right time. The Highly data-driven organizations are three times more likely to benefit and get improvement in decision-making with the help of search-based analytics. one of the alluring features about search-driven analytics is, today the organizations find more their required data within the seconds than they did during the entire year.

Data insights

Fundamentally folks can’t get deeper insights of data when they don’t know where to look or what to look for. The search-driven analytics plays a greater role in analyzing a large amount of data and proving deeper insights on what you were looking for. It connects with any data source and thousands of applications to deliver great insights of using search.

Big data search analytics

The big data analytics has been troubling many enterprises in recent years which has become challenges in customer-centric strategy. Business executives and department managers of various enterprises have now an easy-to-use technology i.e. search-based analytics get your analytics at fingertips, which guarantees them a clear view in a customer-centric world and in business. Find the required data quickly without wasting a huge amount of time with data search analytics.


Advantages of search-based analytics

1. Instant search results of data with the search-driven platform.

2. A search-driven experience you to analyze data in seconds without wasting huge the amount of time.

3. Smarter decision-making platform for the huge enterprise.

4. Ability to measure business metrics easily and helps to achieve business goals on right time.

5. Reduce report backlogs and improve reporting accuracy.

6. Maximize the satisfaction of business executives and managers by search-based analytics platform.

7. Helping you gain valuable insight of your business at any time from any handheld devices.

8. Fast access and easy to find your desired data with a fraction of seconds.

9. Big- data analytics platform for every enterprise.

10. Ability to build your desired reports with a quick sear

Experience A Good Insight On Business Analytic


Business analytic helps the enterprises make sense of the sheer volume of data that make organizations are generating and collecting the information to review and improve the business metrics. The business managers should have the ability to get on the depth of business insights and how well it insights the business into an effective action.

Business intelligence and business analytic are the same things? They are quite different as the perfect analysis provides you the better business intelligence.

Are you finding obscure in business analytic? Get new ways to take analyzing strategies to the next level.

To gain some clarity in business analytic there are thousand of tools has introduced to get on day-to-day updates in your business. The dashboard gives you valuable insights for business analytic now and then.

what is dashboard? how its assist for business

The dashboard is the easy way to get good insight on business analytic deeper and gain more clarity on business at a glance. The fact is that when you see your key metrics in your dashboard, you intuitively start improving your results to reach your desired targets. By knowing precisely what’s working in your business and what’s not, helps to predict before getting into risk factors.

The performance dashboard is generally used to facilitate the easy monitoring of an organization KPI.

Intuitive Decision-making dashboard

When users have access to insightful and actionable information at-a-glance as they can make decisions and take action quickly. In such case, the dashboard shows on different insights in your business that you are lacking.

An ideal business dashboard will securely and automatically connect users to the information they need, in real time. Additionally, business dashboards are available to a user whether they are at their desk, or working remotely to make intuitive decisions rapidly.

Key features

 ->Search analytic dashboard.

-> Easy visualization of charts in different formats.

->Simple to use with drill-down capabilities to focus on opportunity areas.

->Automatic proactive alerts when the business metrics reaches a certain threshold.

->Auto refresh of data.

->Increase collaboration and quick sharing.

->Ability to provide detailed, accurate, and analytical reports quickly.

The dashboard is considered as the real revolution in business intelligence solution and gives accurate analytic reports by integrating with the required database. This makes the business managers get quick glance on the overall process of business within a seconds. With business dashboards in place can see the effects of their changes in almost real-time, measuring goals in their business.To know more about dashboard and comprehend business metrics into deeper visit Roosboard