Search Based Analytics to Reveal the Patterns of Business Behavior



Analytics plays a major role in every business as it clearly gives the deeper sights of the business and proactively alerts everyone to take a business decision at right time. As technology has become much advanced there are so many alluring features has developed to improve the business level and reveal the hidden patterns of the business. The instant and accurate analytics are welcomed by so many enterprises because that saves the huge amount of time for business executives and decision-makers to take an important decision at the correct time.

 Search analytics for humans

The search based analytics are one of lucrative business analytics has been introduced to reduces stress and to analyze the data immediately using the search feature. The data can be searched and analyzed through self-service analytics way instead of on relying on others. In today’s world where data can be searched and collected instantly, in the phone, mobile, PC, at anywhere from any time. No need to wait for a weekly or monthly report.

The reports can be generated instantly using search analytics features where it also reduces 90% of report backlogs. A self-service analytics tool makes the business analytics easy for even normal humans by visualizing in charts, graphs, etc., No need to waste your timing by waiting for analytics instead get your easy analytics report instantly by saving your huge amount of time.

Unified Analytics

This analytics feature brings business metrics at one place instead of switching to different pages. Get instant charts analysis and business reports by search driven analytics feature to enhance the business metrics further. This unified analytics gives the user best experience as never like before in analytics and helps to identify soon the hidden parts of the business. Every business executives can take their own decision by doing self- service analytics rather than going with the traditional analytic method.

More Exciting Benefits

->Reduce timings.

->Provides rapid data analysis using search driven.

->Self-service search analytics rather than relying on others.

->Team collaboration

->Interactive visualization benefits.



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